Waterlase Technology


What is Laser dentistry?

Every once in a while something comes along that can really change things. In Dr Cliff’s opinion the Waterlase MD is one of those.

The Waterlase MD machine produces a laser beam tuned to the wavelength of a water molecule, so that when the beam is energised, any water at the focal point of the beam is instantly vapourised. Consequently any tissue containing water can be removed by this process. The energy is delivered in a pulse and so instead of the high pitched whine of a dental drill we hear a snapping sound, rather like popcorn popping, when the machine is in use.

For different applications on hard or soft tissues, the power, length of pulse, and the amount of water and air used can be varied. The biggest benefit to patients is that many procedures can be performed with the minimum amount of tissue loss so that you feel less discomfort and heal more rapidly.

Why does it benefit patients?

One of the biggest challenges dentists face is how to deal with worn down teeth. We can now use our laser to prepare the tooth surface to bond on tooth-coloured filling material very securely so there is no need to destroy large amounts of tooth tissue with a drill to restore the teeth to the original shape. This is a very useful technique for rebuilding the front teeth when the edges have all worn down giving a jagged, rough-looking smile.

The Waterlase MD can also be used on a different setting to change the shape of the gum. This is usually done in preparation for a dental crown in order to get the best impression to ensure that the crown fits perfectly.

The laser smile lift is an exceptionally elegant procedure enabling us to reshape the gums around the front teeth in one visit without surgery or stitches thus permanently improving the appearance of the front teeth as they emerge from the gums. There is very little soreness after the procedure and instead of having to wait three months for the swelling to subside you can proceed to the cosmetic dentistry straight away.

There are many other benefits to this technology and it has become an integral part of Dr Cliff’s daily practice. To find out more about Waterlase MD technology please give us a call on (07) 4725 2275. hiQu Dental Townsville is located at 92 Ross River Rd, Townsville QLD 4812.

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