Fantastic Family Care

A comprehensive range of dental solutions for the whole family. Great service and great value.

hiQu Capped Gap Check up and Clean

If you’re in a health fund we will cap your gap for this comprehensive exam, scale, X-Rays & Fluoride Treatment. Only $159 if you’re not in a health fund.


We have added the T-Scan Occlusal Analysis system to our practice. The T-Scan is a diagnostic device that allows us to better analyse and adjust your bite (occlusion) and prevent problems…


Smilefast – It’s A Kind Of Magic!
It’s not too late or too expensive to get the dazzling smile you’ve always wanted. Smilefast Braces could be the magical solution you’re looking for.

Fillings, Chips & Broken Teeth

We offer a range of solutions using advanced pain management techniques and digital technology to effectively replace fillings or renovate chipped or broken teeth.

General Dentistry

At hiQudental we look after the whole family; from regular check-ups through to the most complex rehabilitative dentistry…


If you have a tooth that has been filled a few times, or a filling keeps falling out, or bits break off of your teeth at inconvenient and annoying times, you are probably in need of a crown. You see a filling can only do so much…

Root Canal

Root canal is carried out in order to save a tooth, when the nerve has died or is dying. Root canal therapy can restore comfort and function and extends the life of the tooth substantially.


So you want to know about dental implants? Dr Nick says:

“We are aiming for a long term solution here and so it is necessary to get all the factors right from the beginning…