hiQu Smile Makeover

From $1499. Our cosmetic makeover could help you have the smile you always wanted.

hiQu Bright In-Chair Pro Whitening

We use the industry leading Polaoffice system; which gently whitens tooth enamel whilst not damaging the gums or structure of the tooth.


So you want to know about dental implants? Dr Nick says:

“We are aiming for a long term solution here and so it is necessary to get all the factors right from the beginning…

Ceramic Veneers

Using the latest technology we create ceramic veneers that are placed over your existing teeth to close gaps, straighten crooked teeth, repair bad chips and cover stubborn discolouration. This is a permanent treatment that requires great skill and finesse to achieve a lifelike result. It is always necessary to prepare the teeth and this is done under local anaesthetic.


We specialise in developing comprehensive solutions that include full mouth rehabilitation.