If you have a tooth that has been filled a few times, or a filling keeps falling out, or bits break off of your teeth at inconvenient and annoying times, you are probably in need of a crown. You see a filling can only do so much. For a filling to work well long term there has to be most of the original tooth still present. Now dentists are experts at stretching the limits of techniques and materials and achieving great results, but, when you exceed the limits of the material, and that means every time you go past 40% of the tooth structure, Its going to fail. Sooner or later.

The smart thing to do is to short circuit the cycle of failure and, while we still have enough tooth to work with, place a crown on the tooth. Now we can use a material that is up to the job and is much more likely to give you 10, 15 or 20 years or more of trouble free service PLUS it will look and work like a real tooth.

The process is pretty much the same as for a veneer. Usually we need to take a bit more tooth away, but we use the same top quality materials  and so, if you need more than one we can do them one at a time and still achieve the same great result.

Your dentist may recommend these kinds of procedures at your routine check and clean, even if it seems as if nothing is wrong. Don’t forget, we are trying to prevent the worst from happening. After all, we are the ones who have to try and get you out of trouble when it does. This is one case where prevention is definitely better than cure. These days we all have to watch our budget, so we have flexible payment plans to suit you. There are a couple of options. We really like Zipmoney. If you like the technical stuff you can check out Planscan here. If you are interested in the materials we use you can check out Ivoclar Vivodent.